“‘Twas The Night Before Christmas” Gets A Makeover By The Most Recognized Voices In The Country To Raise Money For Children

 For the first time ever, 31 of the country’s top voice over pros joined forces to raise money for children. The group gathered last week to record “’Twas the Night Before Christmas.” The recording will be released this week and all sales and donations to Prime Time Voices For Children will benefit the Chase Child Life program at Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA. Members of the cast will assemble at the hospital on December 21st to perform the story for the children.

Los Angeles, California, December 5, 2011— The country’s top voice over pros, led by Joe Cipriano, gathered in studios this week to donate their time and talent to Prime Time Voices For Children. This is the first time that the people whose voices are heard every day on TV, radio and in movie theaters have had the opportunity to participate in a recording project and live performance for a cause such as this.

Joe Cipriano produced the project and brought in John Masecar for the sound design of the classic holiday poem. Steve Bravin and his team at Killer Tracks, courtesy of Universal Music Group donated the music free of licensing fees to the cause. The track can be purchased on CDBaby.com, Amazon, and iTunes. Donations can be made through Fundly.

“With so many stations presenting 24 hour a day Christmas programming for the season,” says Cipriano, “we felt there was an opportunity to offer up new and unique holiday content for radio programmers and music directors to freshen up their playlists of holiday classics and do some good for children.”

The cast includes well-known movie trailer voices such as Ashton Smith, Ben Patrick Johnson and Scott Rummell, TV network voices Cipriano (CBS), Rino Romano (NBC) Randy Thomas (ET) and George DelHoyo (Fox) and animation voice actors Bob Bergen (Porky Pig) and Pat Fraley (Ghostbusters) join the cast of 31 voice actors.

The group has made the track available for radio stations to download, courtesy of Yangaroo’s Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS) at DMDS.com. All are encouraged to include a donation link on their website so that listeners can make a donation to Prime Time Voices For Children to benefit the Chase Child Life program at Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA.

The group requests that radio stations mention the donation button on-air before and after playing the recording.

To purchase a download of “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas”, make additional donations and get exclusive information about the cast and the project, visit Facebook.com/PrimeTimeVoicesForChildren.

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The Chase Child Life Program at Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA, is staffed by child life specialists who are part of an interdisciplinary, family-centered model of care. They focus on the social, emotional and developmental needs of hospitalized children by communicating accurate and age-specific information, identifying potential stressors, and planning and practicing coping strategies. Each professional staff member holds a bachelor’s or master’s degree in child life, child development, education and/or psychology and is professionally certified and affiliated with the Child Life Council. UCLA’s program offers a variety of specialized services, including therapeutic intervention (music, dance and art therapy and medical play), and much more. Established in 1968, UCLA’s program was one of the first of its kind in the country. For more information, and a complete list of services, please visit UCLAhealth.org/ChildLife.

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Alphabetical listing of Prime Time Voices For Children cast:

Joan Baker, Bob Bergen, Kay Bess, Corey Burton, Joe Cipriano, Howard Cogan, Townsend Coleman, Josh Daugherty, George DelHoyo, Kara Edwards, Dave Fennoy, Pat Fraley, Stew Hererra, Ben Patrick Johnson, Brian Lee, Bill Lloyd,
Anthony Mendez, Paul Pape, Jim Pratt, Bill Ratner, Rino Romano, Scott Rummell, Ashton Smith, Jim Tasker, John Taylor, Randy Thomas, Keri Tombazian, Sylvia Villagran, Rick Wasserman, Beau Weaver and Zurek.